Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Fun with Lady Friends

A group of us celebrated Erica's birthday with cupcakes and beer.
The birthday girl with her gift from me.
Very appropriate, especially given where we work!
The next day, I went to a wedding shower with my mom and sis held at the Edsel Ford property.
The shower was in honor of the lovely Stephanie, who is getting married this June!  Stephanie is one of the "Ya-Ya kids", a term reserved for the sons & daughters of the women who are a part of what can only be described as a seven person female mafia- the Ya Ya's (of which my mom is a proud member).
The Ya-Ya's first banded together while working at the Bovenschen school and have been friends for over thirty years.  
Their main pastime, beside shopping @ Nordstrom's, is getting scolded and/or kicked out of restaurants for being "too loud."  Seriously.  This happens constantly!
Close up of the gorgeous centerpieces.
The happy couple- Stephanie and her almost husband John!
Mother of the bride and crazy Ya-Ya Kathy (also known as Kate or Trixie).  
We couldn't get over the fact that she was taking pics with a disposable camera!  
I didn't even know they made these anymore!
Um, how do these things work again?!
After the shower was over, my mom & I walked around the property a little bit, which was so beautiful.
I tried to strike some fierce poses, but it was really, really cold!
It was so gorgeous by the water...
...but pretty freezing!

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