Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fam Love

These pics are a little old- my fault.  But, I couldn't help posting them cause them make me smile.  We had a little family b-day celebration for myself and my Uncle Howard back in March.
Birthday buddies
Uncle Howard receives a classic Dad gift.
Molly definitely enjoyed the party.
So did Henry.
And, of course, my Mom had to cause trouble by introducing this bizarre game into the mix.
Purchased at the dollar store, naturally.
You push the guys down and when they pop back up, you try to catch them in the air with the handled baskets.  
So basically, these pointy, plastic projectiles exploding in your face as you try frantically to catch them.
My mom was never one to worry too much about things like "putting your eye out."  Usually, she is encouraging someone to do something wildly inappropriate- like "hey, if you put Grandma's wig on and let me take a picture of it, I'll pay you a dollar" type things.  OR, she is trying to light something on fire- seriously!  The lady is a pyro.

Needless to say, I love her.
Henry and I didn't do to bad, but Hen was definitely better at it than I.

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