Saturday, January 21, 2012

Michigan: America's high five...

The great state of Michigan is an amazing place.  It's got lakes, and cars, and beaches, and snow, and Woodward Avenue, and cherry trees, and Up North.  

It's got the seasons- all four of them: white out winter, green gray spring, yellow summer and golden fall.

It's got heart.  It's got soul.  It's got Motown, and rock and roll.  

It's got Detroit- that's right Detroit: the new frontier, the Paris of the Midwest, that gorgeous old city on the river with its brick streets, ancient statues, endless history.  The city that people are trying to revive, renew.  The place that people are rebuilding brick by brick, house by house, garden by garden, street by street.  

And most importantly, Michigan's got the the people we love (not all of them- definitely not all, but a pretty good amount of them)!

This blog is an account of our life and the things that we love in this great state.*
*and sometimes other places too!

Spring- time to come out of hibernation!
Summer- great lakes, great times.
Fall- time to eat: candy, "turkey", donuts/cider & Polish popsicle (pickle on a stick)!
Winter- a complete wonderland.

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