Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Party World Part 3: Motown Museum

The day after my birthday we went here!

I don't have a ton of photos because photography was prohibited, but I managed to sneak in a few shots.
CJ and Chuck check out some photos.
Barry Gordie's record player.

Now, I know this photo is pretty blurry, but it's my favorite.  This pic was taken inside the Motown records studio at the museum- the studio where every single Motown song was recorded until 1972!  So many famous people have recorded in this room (which is actually the converted garage of the house).  Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Smokie Robinson- just to name a few.  Dr. King even recorded the album version of "I Have A Dream" just weeks before he delivered the speech in Washington.
At this particular moment, everyone on our tour is singing happy birthday to me, which was really cool!  Being in that studio was definitely the highlight of the tour.

After not being able to take pictures inside, we made up for it with lots of photos outside.

After that, we had to eat, of course.
CJ and Jaclyn were brave and ate oysters.  Gross!
My wonderful father in law Chuck bought me homemade donuts from One Eyed Betty's.  With raspberry and chocolate dipping sauces.  They were so good...!
Pruitt wanted some but he wasn't allowed.
He was probably sad about that.
And then I got this!  A dessert pizza!
I was pretty excited about it (and so was Pruitt, from the looks of this photo).
Jaclyn made it for me.  It was amazing!
Thanks to Jaclyn, my lovely in laws Babs & Chuck, Carl & CJ for helping me celebrate! xoxo

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