Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lovely Day in B'ham

CJ and I had an appointment in Birmingham late in the afternoon, so we decided to grab an early dinner/late lunch at Toast.
We don't go to Toast often, but the few times we have, it's always mobbed.  It was really nice to be there in the late afternoon- we practically had the whole place to ourselves.

Next stop was the Paper Source!  I am pretty obsessed with this place- it's a great spot to find fun, quirky gifts- even for dudes!

Like for example, these!  
I want to buy these for work- not for the people I work with at my officeI love them.  BUT, rather for certain people that I come into contact with as a result of my work.*
*This will make sense to those of you who know what I do.

Our final stop was dessert!
These are called party time! I got one for my sister, because if my sister was a cupcake, this would be it!
Sorry to post so many photos of cupcakes- I couldn't really help myself!


  1. Replies
    1. amber, i wish it was the kind of appointment you are thinking of!

  2. Those carrot cake ones look dominating