Sunday, March 25, 2012

Then Came the Spring on St. Patrick's Day

The weather we have been having here in the Mitten is so unbelievable!  I love it so, so much (even though it makes me really worried about global warming).  All the flowers are starting to bloom and everything looks so green and hopeful.

Last Saturday was St. Patrick's day and it was like, 75 degrees!  We got up early to take Pruitt for a walk in the gorgeous sun, though we quickly learned that a lot of people had started their St. Patty's day even earlier than us...
We ran into Lola on our walk.
My favorite part of this photo is my neighbor Don's feet in the shot- too short pants and velcro shoes.
Classic old man style.  You rock Don.
Later on, we got Jaques tacos for the first time since last summer!
The truck is in Ferndale every Saturday and Sunday as long as the weather is nice, from 12-4.
After lunch, we met up with Erica, Betsey and Paul in Royal Oak.  
We just couldn't resist checking out the craziness!
Showing off my lucky socks!
We ended the day with a bonfire at Dave and Allison's house.  Can you believe it?!  A bonfire in March.  In MICHIGAN.  There were also s'mores.  I had two.  I couldn't help myself!
 Morty (not to be confused with Lola- different dog) showed off his St. Patty's day headwear.

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