Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday Party World Part 1: Friends & Food

I just had a birthday.  It was this past Friday, so I used it as an excuse to celebrate pretty much the entire weekend, do a bunch of awesome Detroit-centric things, and eat A LOT of delicious food.  Ah food...I love you.

Since so much fun stuff happened over the weekend, I'm breaking it down into three separate post, so you don't get excitement fatigue.

Things got started on Thursday when two of my favorite guys took me to Five Guys for lunch.
Now I know Five Guys is a chain and I usually try to focus on local places, BUT, where I work, their aren't a ton of lunch options other than like, Subway, so Five Guys is pretty much as good as it gets (Big Boy is also on the list of exciting lunch locales, so you see what we're working with here)*
*That was NOT intended in any way to be a knock on Big Boy.  I really love Big Boy.  Slims Jims are amazing!
Andrew goes for it.
Burger being manhandled by a pro.
Almost as good as In-n-Out.  ALMOST.  
Ok, well actually, not really even almost, but these are the lies I have to tell myself.
Since I chose to live in a state without In-n-Out.

Later that evening, I got together with some lady friends for dinner at Anita's Kitchen in Ferndale.  Anita's Kitchen is a great local Michigan spot, so there you go!

Megan and me with our b-day Irish loot from SOB (our friend Shannon's initials are SOB, so that's what we call her...don't judge- she even calls herself SOB)

Look at all those lovely ladies (and little JT too, though he is certainly not a lady)!  I have to tell you, I'm lucky to have them as friends- they're some of the best people I know.
Thursday was a lovely start to my birthday weekend!

PS- Do you really want to know how much I love Big Boy?
This much.  Yeah, enough to pose with the Boy himself.

Also, enough to force poor, unsuspecting co-workers to pose with me.  Special shout out to Andrew for putting up with stuff like this!

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