Thursday, March 15, 2012

Uncle Howard's 7-Eleven Hazelnut Hot Mess Near Death Experience

My wonderful Uncle Howard stopped by 7-Eleven for some coffee on Saturday.

Then this happened.
A newly permitted 15 year old was driving with her mom when she confused the brake for the gas.
This was the unfortunate result!
These photos were not in fact taken by Uncle Howard because he actually got hit by the van!  

BUT, he is totally fine.  He was hit in the leg and knocked down, but was okay and did not have to go to the hospital, thank goodness.  He was however, a little shaken up, but apparently didn't cry, which is definitely what I would have done if this had happened to me!
Shot of the pants of Uncle Howard's pants from the incident.  
Covered in hazelnut creamer.  
He was by the coffee when the van came through the window.

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