Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Lately: Mostly Carbs

My sister Kara wore this outfit to breakfast at my Mom's house the other day.  I really love this particular "ensemble", though is it is pretty tame compared with some of the other things I've seen her wear in the morning.  Kara is not truly awake until about an hour after she gets up, so it's always fun to see what she'll thrown on in a half conscious state...
We also ate this @ the same breakfast- a pull apart cinnamon roll from Pinwheel Bakery.  If you haven't yet visited Pinwheel Bakery in Ferndale, check it out!  They actually operate out of the Red Hook Coffee Shop now, so stop by if you like coffee & amazing bake goods- I recommend their key lime bars and raspberry brownies.  And their Mexican chocolate cupcakes.  AND, I guess pretty much everything they sell.
When we got home, Pruitt allowed me to pet him, which was exciting.
I actually think he looks kind of creepy in the photo above, so I am posting this one too.
Just to reinforce his handsomeness.
We just kind of kept eating the rest of the day...apparently that's all we do.

For those of you who know what Pinkberry is, this place, Bloomberry on Woodward, comes pretty close.
We did do one non-related food thing: shopping in Birmingham.
And we scored these!
The next day, in order to continue carb loading, we went to Polish Village in Hamtramck for dinner.  
I really love this place.
CJ got a hungarian pancake.
I got perogies and cabbage rolls (which I ate too fast to get a picture of).

Bonus Photo: Poetic Justice.  This is a photo of President Obama sitting in the Rosa Parks bus at the Henry Ford Museum on when he visited on Wednesday.  Whatever your politics, I think this photo embodies something that everyone in this country can be proud of.

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