Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturday in Detroit: Mercury Bar & the DIA

We have been really looking forward to checking out the newly opened Mercury Bar in Corktown.  Yesterday, we were heading downtown to the DIA and decided to go there for lunch.
Bonus points if you can find the other half of this bull in the photos below!
My favorite sis-in-law Jaclyn came along with us...
and her BF Carl too!
We actually ended up eating in the downstairs area, which is pretty cute for a basement.
Here's the other half of the bull (the business half, that is)!
I ended up getting a turkey burger, which was delicious.
All four of us really liked our food, though it did take a while to come out once we placed our order.  AND, they were out of milkshakes, which is kind of their speciality- how do you run out of milkshakes?!  They do a bunch of different shakes with Faygo and other fun ingredients like Michigan cherries.  I'm going to chalk up these minor issues to the place being new- I'm sure they'll get those kinks figured out.
 AND, we ran into Jeff- big time foodie, lover of great local Detroit spots, and reader of this blog.  
Hi Jeff!
The inside of the restaurant was very vintage diner, which I liked.  
It really reminded me of Five Napkin Burger in NYNY, for anyone who has been there.
I got really excited about the fact that they had grilled bologna sandwiches, even though I didn't end up getting one.  I couldn't resist putting this photo up, even though I look like a total spaz!
Also, right after this photo, my friend Laura texted me and told me she could see me jumping while she was eating at Slow's, which is right across the street!  Ah Detroit- it's a smaller town than you think, so beware actin' a fool, cause you never know who's watching...

Jaclyn wasn't nearly as excited about the bologna sandwiches as I was.
Before the DIA, we decided to stop at the Guardian Building because Jaclyn had never been inside.  So breathtaking!!!
Surprise!  It's also a bank...
Now, I'm not going to comment extensively on why it bums me out that this incredible, one of a kind, awe inspiring, nothing else like it in the world building has a bank cluttering it's lobby...BUT, suffice to say it is a bit of a bummer.
We actually thought about getting married in the lobby of the Guardian building.  I had seen some pictures online of a gorgeous (how could it not be) wedding that was held here.  Unfortunately, when it came time for our wedding, the bank had been put it.
Oh Detroit...I still love you even though you make me sad sometimes.  
To learn more about the Guardian building, go HERE or HERE.

Next stop was the DIA.  
My favorite is Detroit Industry in the Rivera Court.
Pictures just don't do it justice!
There was some event going on and there was a signed Barry Manilow CD up for auction!  Everyone was pretty excited about that...
We walked around the galleries a little.
Close up Van Gough brush strokes. 
Then, we checked out this.
CJ snapped this one on the way out.
It was a lovely Saturday in our lovely city!

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  1. Two things. One, this entry deserves a comment. Because it is awesome. And two. I will probably go and open up a savings account at the Guardian building bank later this week.

    Keep up the good work!