Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday: Ham vs. Ham!

Holidays are the best!  I can't help myself- I love them.  I know they can be stressful and intense (though, truth be told, sometimes I kind of like things that are super intense and borderline stressful), but they can be lovely, too.  There is something about food & seasonal decor that really makes me happy...!
I guess it helps that I have such an awesome family.  On holidays we pretty much follow the same plan: we get together, eat a bunch of carbs, tell stories and usually do something ridiculous- like this, for example...but more on that later.
CJ and I were in charge of getting some of the carbs together for brunch, so we got bagels in Ferndale at New York bagel.  While we were there, we checked out our friend Dennis' new bug- it's super cute (Dennis lives right next to the bagel place).
After getting the bagels, we headed to the Donut Cutter, cause it ain't the holidays without donuts.
Then we headed over to my Mom's house to see everybody...like the adorable Molly, all turned out for Easter.
 I can't believe Bert's scary face didn't make her cry.
Our neighbor's Greg & Teresa brought over these tiny things- the first Michigan strawberries of the season.
We put them to good use in some sparkling wine.
Left to right: 
Fabulous Aunt Debbie, mountain man Uncle Tom, crazy neighbor Prior and wonderful Uncle Howard.
Molly with her daddy Jeremy.  She loved her Easter basket.
So did Henry.
Cousin Bert and me.  Ham verses Ham: real life ham and tattoo ham!
Bert and I used to be real partners in crime.  When we were little, we caused a lot of trouble- real life trouble.  Like the time we went sledding at our grandparent's house on the glass table top from a patio set.  And then encouraged my sister and his brother- 5 and 6 years old respectively- to sled down on the table top into a ravine.  With a river.  And broken beer bottles.  We still can't believe no one died.
After reminiscing, it was trampoline time!
It was Molly's first time and she loved it- check out the air she's getting!
Even Prior got on, which was a first.
CJ gets in on the action and Henry get some serious air while Molly and Jeremy watch.

 Nothing like the first jump of the season- can you tell we both were figure skaters??

Trampoline insanity ensues!  Kara, Stephen, Me and CJ.


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