Thursday, February 23, 2012

Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?

Truer words were never spoken, and by Homer Simpson no less!

I make no secret of the fact that I am totally, completely obsessed with donuts (or "cop vitamins", as a special Detective friend of mine calls them).

I'll take them however I can get them- I don't discriminate.  Plain, chocolate, cider mill style, paczki, glazed, peanut covered- whatever!
One of my fondest memories of my wedding is eating day old donuts leftover from our "donut cake" out of a garbage bag* the morning after our reception with my husband.  Ah, happiness.  May you all know such true bliss in your own marriages!
*For the record, it was a CLEAN garbage bag.  It was just the only receptacle available to store them in!

ANYWAY, given my obsession, this post is very serious, because it involves what I believe are the best donut holes in the Detroit metro area.  And notice I said donut HOLES people- we're not talking regular donuts.  If we were, we would be discussing Dutch Girl Donuts, but that is a subject for another post...

How much do you really love donuts holes?  Enough to go here?!

That's right people.  Detroit Donut.  Warren, Michigan.  Right off I-696, at the Hoover/Schoenherr exit.  You can get some donut holes AND gas up your car.  Yes, its also a gas station.

You have to order the cinnamon sugar!

Eating them on the back of a Chevy is optional, but strongly encouraged.

PS- Shout out to my Mom, who first introduced me to these awesome treats!


  1. Let me assure you ... there is no problem too big no problem too small that donuts cannot solve. Sure bagels have tried to sullen the market, but we all know it is the donut that we all seek to make life work out ok. With that said I have not tasted the sweet nectar of these donuts ever it will be a must stop the next D visit

    1. I will personally take you there the next time you come home (which is going to be soon, I hope)!