Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long Weekend in the D: Food, Art, More Food

I had a three day weekend, thanks to George Washington!  I think all weekends should be three days long, don't you!?

FRIDAY: Started off the weekend by going to happy hour with some friends after work...

It was actually really fun, despite how skeptical some people look in this photo (Smith, I'm talking to you)!  The Irish lady in me really appreciated how bedazzeled the bar already was for St. Patty's, even though it's only February...

SATURDAY: CJ and I went to our friend Mark Heggie's art opening at the 323 East Gallery in Royal Oak.

Flyer for the show

Me and Kyle in the crowd.
A giraffe...in a boat...with heart shaped spots...sailing thru the sky.  LOVE!

Kyle, Mark and CJ

SUNDAY: We met up with our friend's Lauren and Ryan at Astro Coffee in Corktown.  Astro is one of my favorite places ever!  I plan on doing full post about them in the future, but I couldn't resist throwing in a few photos.  CJ and I absolutely love the place and have gotten in the habit of going there every Sunday for coffee and breakfast- they have delicious breakfast sandwiches, crossiants and homemade cake.  You'll die.

Lauren and Ryan deciding what to get.

Coffee- check.  Payday loan- check.

Later on, I went shopping with my Mom, and proceeded to have more coffee and more treats.

I have a problem, I know.  BUT, seriously!  If you've ever had a lemon cookie from Nordstrom's, you will understand that I was powerless to resist.

Later, we had dinner at our friend Dennis' house cause it was his b-day.

MONDAY: Visit to Mexican town.

Los Galanes

CJ makes a selection at La Gloria bakery.
Hanging out with my churro friends...

We ended the weekend with taking Pruitt for a walk, which was really necessary given the amount of food I consumed over the past three days.

AND, Pruitt made a friend!  I think it's meant to be, because they both have the same goofy different colors eyes.

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