Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Restorante El Barzon, I Love You!

For Valentine's Day dinner last night, CJ and I went to El Barzon, quite possibly my favorite restaurant in Detroit.

We decided to get dressed up, it being a holiday and all...

FYI, CJ did not wear his slippers to dinner.

Once we were sufficiently fancy, it was off to the restaurant!

For those of you who have not have the good fortune to dine at El Barzon, there are a couple of things you should know.

First, El Barzon serves Italian and Mexican food.  I know, I know!  Best combo ever, right!?  It's the only restaurant that I know of that serves you chips and salsa AND bread and butter when you sit down.  As a lover of carbs, I cannot stress enough the happiness this combination brings me...maybe a little to much happiness, but hey, it's the little things- am I right people?! 

Second, the restaurant is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  Now, full disclosure, I have never eaten there during the day, so I can't speak to what the area is like then.  BUT, I can tell you after 6:00 p.m., it is totally deserted.  Never fear though!  In order to find the restaurant, just look for a man dressed in an orange camouflaged jump suit directing traffic on a tiny side street (which seems very full of cars despite the area being so empty).  

Be nice to this man!  He will ensure you cross the street to the restaurant without getting run over, which is very helpful.  

Like all fancy schmancy type restaurants, the lighting at El Barzon is very low and moody, which is not condusive to photography, so my pictures aren't the greatest.

I almost always order the same two things...  

The Spaghetti Scampi El Barzon- pictured above!  Shrimp, tomato, basil, garlic, mozzarella cheese and fresh arugula.  So.  Good.  You'll die.

OR, I get...

The Cecina El Barzon- thin sliced steak with fresh arugula and tomatoes.  Which this is not a photo of!  This is a pic of CJ's dinner, which was a veal special.  BUT, I had to mention the Cecina El Barzon, because you should order it.  Trust me!

Sadly, I do have one negative thing to say about this restaurant, although I don't consider it a deal breaker: the service.  The servers are extremely nice, but when the restaurant gets busy, things kind of fall apart.  Be prepared to wait when you ask for another drink, dessert or your bill.  Just pretend you're in Europe, where everyone takes like, twelve hours to eat dinner!

That being said, it's still my favorite restaurant in Detroit.  

El Barzon, I heart you.

PS- SHOUT OUT TO OUR FRIENDS BRETT & MORGAN, WHO FIRST INTRODUCED US TO EL BARZON!  And, coincidentally, we ran into them there last night!

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