Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cars, Crepes and What I Wore!*

Three weekends ago, I went to the auto show for the first time ever.

I know, I know!  I have lived in Michigan for almost my entire life and I have never been to the auto show- don't judge!  I had a long weekend thanks to MLK day, so CJ and I decided to take a trip down to COBO and check it out (CJ of course, has been before, being the good Michigander that he is).

We wanted to go to Astro Coffee beforehand, but it was closed.  Sad face.  However, Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes was open, so we went there instead.

It was SO. COLD.  Also, check out CJ in the reflection

*NOTE: the "what I wore" portion of this post relates to the fact that because it was so cold, I wore a leotard under my dress, thinking it would keep me warm.  This turned out to be an extremely poor choice.  You do not want to be negotiating a leotard in the bathroom's at COBO hall.  Trust me.  I speak from experience. 

Anyway, the crepes were delicious!  You get to watch them make them being made, which I think would be especially fun for little kids.  We tried two different types of crepes: a nutella/banana & one with spinach, bacon and cheese- so good.

We then made our way to COBO, stopping to check out some excellent Robo Cop inspired graffiti along the way.  What ever happened to that campaign for Detroit to get a Robo Cop statute like Philadelphia's Rocky?!

You can see my feet in the reflection.

THEN, onto the show- the North American International Auto Show!

Kinda looks like my old Cavalier, right?
Interactive Ford exhibit

The Lincoln exhibit was my absolute favorite.  It was so gorgeous, and I loved how they used the silhouette of the Lincoln symbol to create a vintage-y 1960's style partition to highlight the space.

I ALSO may have been SLIGHTLY swayed in to favoritism for Lincoln when they randomly selected us to hang out in their exclusive hospitality suite, high above the crowds (seriously- you had to take an escalator to get there, which was guarded by a bouncer with a velvet rope).  AND, there were complimentary fancy coffee drinks...

...which, for me, was way more exciting that it should have been!  What can I say- I love coffee.  It is like, the second most thing I would miss if I died- first being, you know, like, the people I love and stuff.

The Chevy exhibit was also great- it was very interactive.  They had DJ's, free swag and you could write all over the walls. 

Writing a story about CJ, Pruitt & I taking a drive in Hawaii

Also, being the proud former owner of a Chevy Cavalier for almost ten years, I am definitely a Chevrolet girl!

There was tons to see and do- we had a blast, despite it being totally packed.

This how I roll- in my Caddy.

On the way out, I took this shot of the unbelievable carpet at COBO.

Only in Detroit my friends, can you find carpet this incredible.

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