Sunday, February 12, 2012

Solid Dude's Kitchen Season Two Premiere Party!

A couple weeks ago was the season two premiere party for Solid Dudes Kitchen at the Belle Isle Casino, and it was a damn good party. Solid Dudes Kitchen is a cooking show that our talented friends Derek & Dave created.  CJ is the director of photography for the show.  I'm not even going to try and explain it, except to say if you like food, crude jokes, and profanity this show is for you.

You can watch episodes online here:, or buy the whole season  HERE.

And be advised, its full of bathroom humor and "swears", so warn your grandma beforehand if she is watching with you.

They set up a huge screen at one end of the casino and played the entire season for everyone to view!
Crowd shot!
Also, shout out to Sara for sneaking in her "high five."

Screen shot!
This pic is of the title sequence of "The Over" episode about what to eat the morning after a late night...

Before the viewing, there was food: what I can only describe as a slider buffet (!) that included pulled pork, PB and J, mac & cheese, and other delicious stuff from Green Dot Stables (who are allegedly open again).  
There were also adult beverages: some smoky, alcohol-y punch from Sugar House, tons of mixed cocktails made with Hard Luck Candy Vodka, and beer from the Motor City Brewing Company.

Hard Luck Candy Vodka- made in MI!
I didn't get a pic of the punch, but it was being served from a giant Coleman thermos usually reserved for drinks like Gatorade, which made me happy, cause it was booze, not sports drink!
Drink recipe playing cards.
Pre-show crowd shot.
Erica and Betsey: newly converted Solid Dudes groupies.

CJ makes an on screen appearance while eating a freshly made pretzel during the Germany episode where the Dudes traveled to Munich.

Sara throws in another high five with the gorgeous vintage floor of the casino as a backdrop.

Flyer for the party.
Outside shot of the casino.  I almost lost my right hand to hypothermia trying to take this photo.

All and all, it was an awesome night and the turnout was huge (which was especially exciting given the North Pole style temperatures).  Thanks to all our family and friends who risked freezing off their extremities in order to attend!  xo

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